About us


UssTokyo.com was founded with sweat and passion. You will see glimpses of it through our services. Although we are a fledgling company, our philosophy is as old as time itself. We believe that you should lead your business in a way that serves humanity, through acts of kindness, joy, and offerings of friendships rather than monetary partnerships. We aim to serve you well. You will always be treated as the prestigious and unique individual you are. We will go above and beyond the so-called business norms to ensure that we meet and exceed your needs.

We were born with the desire to share the reliable and affordable cars/automobiles from Japan with the world, to promote peace and harmony between industries, businesses and people.

UssTokyo.com was created to be an ethical, sustainable company. We are greatly committed to delivering quality cars/automobiles and even better service. To us, success is not measured by profit, but rather on the ability to conduct ourselves in a manner that provides pleasure to our customers.

To Our Customers:

A company can only survive with the love and support it receives from its customers. At UssTokyo.com, customer first is and will always be the policy. We are a revolutionary company. We want to change the world, expand our horizons and reach for new heights.

We do not abide by the prevalent inaccurate philosophies. They say "the sky is the limit". We believe those who say, "the sky is the limit", have limited imagination.

We are honoured to share some of our imagination with you. We wish this endeavor would be fruitful for you. We will strive to the best of our capabilities to make this relationship everlasting.
We are committed to delivering an experience that is unforgettable for all the right reasons. We welcome your communication and invite you to write to us your feedback

For Our Staff:

At UssTokyo.com, we strongly believe in ethical work practices. Our staff are respected and afforded working conditions well above the minimum standards, their family, becomes our family. We recognise that to continue to provide a service that is convenient and principled, we need to model the philosophy of our company at a grass roots level.
We believe in investing in our staff, so they improve as a person as well as academic and professional growth.

Why Us:

We are here as a bridge between the customers from all over the world and the Japanese Car Auctions. We are here to make it as easy for you to buy your dream car from Japan with the minimum possible hassle. We will take care of all the steps for you, like buying from auctions on your behalf, shipping and delivering your dream car to your doorstep. We give the power to you to choose the car of your liking directly from the auction, at your own price.

There are many car companies doing business in Japan and overseas but no one, we re-iterate, no one shares the passion for the cars and the sense of service that we impart as a culture at UssTokyo.com.
Fair business and transparency are the main traits of our establishment.

We Wish You Happy Buying at UssTokyo.com