Auction Process

Auction Process

  • Overview
  • Services
  • Security Deposit
  • Bidding
  • Auction Result
  • Auction Schedule
  • Final Payment
  • Shipping & Freight
  • Documents


Buy Used & New Cars From All Auction Houses In Japan.

Our Best Features Are:

  1. We provide you the access to all auction houses in Japan. Hence you can choose from 1000s of new stock cars every day.
  2. We provide shipping all over the world and provide door-to-door service to most of the countries.
  3. Our easiest-most auction system lets you buy the best JDM [Japan Domestic Market] & European cars.
  4. Our dedicated team is always available 24/7 to assist you choose the best cars as per your need.
  5. Buying direct from auctions mean you get your favorite cars at cheapest possible prices.
  6. Our car quality always exceeds your expectations.
  7. No one is as passionate as we are in the cars industry all over the world.

  8. We wish you happy buying at

Our Services:

We make the car buying process hassle-free for clients from all over the world. You can buy your favorite cars from the comfort of your home or office and have them delivered wherever in the world you want.

A summary of our services includes:

  1. Direct access to all auction houses in Japan through your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  2. To better understand the condition of the cars, our team will translate any Auction Sheets for you from Japanese to any languages you speak.
  3. You can buy the cars at your own desired prices using our easy bidding process.
  4. Fast and easy shipping process to all parts of the world.
  5. We will tell you import policies of your country for easy clearing process once the cars reach your port/city.
  6. We do all paperwork for you and send you the documents through DHL / FEDEX which you receive within 3 days anywhere in the world.

Security Deposit:

Security Deposit To Enter The Auctions

To have direct access to Auctions you are required to make a Fully Refundable security deposit. The amount depends upon the price and number of cars you wish to buy.

  • 1000 USD deposit will allow you to buy cars up to 10,000 USD Price.
  • 3000 USD deposit will allow you to buy cars up to 20,000 USD Price.
  • 5000 USD deposit will allow you to buy cars up to 60,000 USD Price.
  • Deposit for Supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari etc. will be 10,000 USD.
  • The security deposit is Fully Refundable if you do not buy any cars.

If you wish to submit the deposit through bank transfer, please send us the following information at
  1. Full Name / Company
  2. Address
  3. Mobile / Email
  4. Desired shipping port
  5. How would you like to pay? (Bank transfer / PayPal / Western Union)
  6. Deposit amount (1000 USD / 3000 USD / 5000 USD)

  7. Please Note: Your auctions account will be activated within 2 hours of confirmation receiving security deposit.

    Minimum PayPal deposit is 1000 USD.


So, you have activated the account and paid the deposit, now here the Magic Begins:

  1. Browse through 1000s of cars available under each category and choose the best ones you like
  2. Place your bid as per your budget [Sold cars history from past auctions will help you determine the best prices]
  3. If you feel burdened simply tell our agent your desired cars and budget and we will do it all for you.
  4. Place as many bids as possible because we do not charge any fee on failed or unsuccessful bids.
  5. We let you bid hours before the auction time of each car, hence giving you ample time to re-think.
  6. When you win a bid, you will be notified through your Portal.

Auction Result:

Get Your Result Within 30 Minutes Of Auction Time

There is a specific time for each car that is being auctioned every day.

  1. Our system lets you know the results within 30 minutes of the auction finish.
  2. If your bid has been successful, we will notify you and send you invoice to arrange for payment.
  3. Clients from all over the world verify auction prices through us. Which means you know exactly what your car has been sold for.
  4. There is no fee on failed or unsuccessful bids, you can bid on as many cars as possible for more chances of winning.

Auction Schedule:

This Works As An Alarm For Your Favorite Cars.

  1. Fancy a particular car? Simply tell us and we will search the best possible options for you.
  2. We will notify you when the best of your desired cars will be coming next for auction.
  3. From 1960s to 2020, we have them all available to choose from.
  4. If you miss on a desired car, there will always be another coming for auction.
  5. Auctions happen 6 days a week from Monday – Saturday from 8AM – 5PM JP Time.
  6. Because we provide access to all auction houses in all cities of Japan, there will 1000s of cars to choose from each day.

Final Payment:

You have done it ! Now its time to send the payment and leave the rest to us.

  1. Customers can make the payment to us through bank transfer into our Japan banks either in US Dollars or Japanese Yen.
  2. We will issue you the invoice to make the final payment which includes car price and the shipping charges.
  3. Once we have received the payment we will expedite to ship the cars within 7 – 14 days.

Shipping & Freight:

Its Time To Move The Ship With Your Car.

Congratulations, you have bought your car from auctions and its time now to move the ship towards your desired port.

  1. We ship cars as per your desired freight services like FOB, CNF, CIF
  2. We do container shipping and RoRo, whatever suits you best.
  3. We ship within 7 – 14 days after receiving the payment.
Its as simple as this:
CNF = Buying Price + Freight
[Cost and Freight, which means you pay the cost and shipping fee and simply receive your car at the port without paying any more shipping fee]

CIF = Buying Price + Insurance + Freight
[Although all cars are insured on ships. however, if you require specific or additional protection you can simply add this service.

FOB = Buying Price + Loading Charges
[Freight on Board, which means we load the cars on to the ship and you pay the shipping fee to the shipping line]


It’s All Done! Your cars have been shipped. We have completed all the paperwork and documentation for you. Its time now to receive the package.

  1. Once the ship leaves we send you the complete documents through DHL / FedEX.
  2. You receive the documents within 3 – 5 days anywhere in the world.
List of Documents & Items:
  1. Bill of Lading [BL]
  2. Export Certificate
  3. Original Auction Report
  4. Final Invoice
  5. Marine Insurance [If required]
  6. Auction Inspection Report by JEVIC [If required]
  7. Spare keys
  8. Guarantee Letter
  9. Souvenir from