Privacy Policy

1. Personal Information

Personal Information means information concerning a User as someone, which may identify the User based on the title, address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational institution, or alternative descriptions, etc. constituting such info. Additionally, any advice which can't recognize the User solely by itself can readily be collated with other information and, as a consequence thereof, can determine the User, is also included in the scope of Personal Information.

*"Personal Information" is explained in this Privacy Policy exclude Specific private information, etc.

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information can use Personal Information within the scope of the purposes provided in the Goal of Usage.

The objective of Use is specially defined and made clear for our customers, and is announced on our site as shown below. will make a bid to limit the Goal of Use according to the situation in which the info is obtained.

  1. Achieving the Purpose of Use of the service and Company.
  2. Notices of service, etc. to its customers.
  3. Offering notice to shareholders, provision of various types of information, and shareholder management.
  4. Exercise of rights or performance of obligations based on Act of Japan along with other relevant legislation and ordinances.
  5. Responding to queries, requests, etc. from its own customers.
  6. Carrying out operations incidental to (1) through (5) preceding and surgeries to correctly and easily manage the business of
  7. When handling private information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the Purpose of Use, will look for customer's consent except for cases prescribed under things in Paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Privacy Act.

3. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties will not supply Personal Information to a third party without the customer's consent, unless where any of the following applies:

  1. Required under laws or ordinances.
  2. Needed to safeguard human life, human anatomy, or strength (such as that of authorized entities) and hard to acquire the approval by the customer him/herself.
  3. Made to a consignee within the scope necessary for carrying out our business.
  4. To use Personal Information jointly with a group company or a company partner of within the scope of the intended use.
  5. To supply, within an abysmal format, Personal Information in a structure that does not permit easy identification or recognition of their corresponding person.

4. Disclaimer concerning the provision of Personal Information to third parties will not be responsible for the acquisition of Personal Information by a third party where any of the following uses:

  1. A user indicates his/her Personal info to a certain company, utilizing any function under the Services or by other ways (As for the handling of Personal Information from the Service Using Companies, etc., please immediately make queries to each of their Service Using Businesses, etc.).
  2. A User is unexpectedly identified by information entered by the User beneath the Services.
  3. A User provides Personal Information to, and the User's Personal Information is used at, an external site linked by the Services. Or
  4. Anyone other than a User obtains the User's data (ID, password, etc.) which can determine the User as a person.
  5. In addition to the above, Personal Information is leaked by computer viruses or similar causes.

5. Supervision of contractors may consign all or part of our customer's Personal Information handling operation. In such a case, elects a builder who's anticipated to properly manage private information, suitably define matters regarding the handling of Personal Information including Security Management Steps, confidentiality, terms and conditions of consignment, return of Personal Information upon expiration or termination of contract agreement, and performs necessary and proper supervision.

6. Handling of Sensitive Information will not collect, use, or provide to another party Sensitive Information, including but not restricted to information regarding your health or case history, except for cases provided by the Privacy Act, other applicable laws, ordinances, and guidelines.

7. Managing of Specific Private Information.

The Objective of Use of Particular Personal Information, etc. is limited under the "My Number" Act, and Won't collect or use Particular Personal Information, etc., beyond the prescribed Purpose of Usage. We won't offer Specific private information, etc. to another party except in cases permitted under the "My Number" Act.

8. Notice of Matters, Disclosure, Amendment, or Suspension of Use of Personal Information and Particular Personal Information.

Customer requests for almost any notice of matters, disclosure, amendment, or suspension of their use of Personal Information and Particular Personal Information, etc. held by under the Privacy Act shall be directed to the "Contact Office" indicated in Clause 11 below. After confirming the client as the requesting party, the client is asked to complete a form designated by us. will then adhere to the procedures and, in principle, give a written reply in a proper, timely manner. will charge the prescribed charges for responding to a request for any disclosure.

9. Use of Cookies uses cookies, etc. to offer superior services on its sites.

10. Control of Personal Data and Specific Personal Information. will take reasonable security measures to manage Personal Information and Particular Personal info, etc. safely and avoid the divulgence, loss, or damage to Personal Information and Particular Personal Information, etc. managed by, also will ensure the accuracy and instantaneous updating of Personal Information and Specific Personal info, etc. and are essential to achieve the Purpose of Use.

11. Contact Info will suitably and immediately respond to any complaint or consultation regarding the handling of Personal Information and Particular Personal Information, etc.

If you have any inquiry or matter for consultation concerning the treatment of Personal Information and Specific Personal info, etc. by unpleased contact the office indicated below.

Contact Office

12. Review of Privacy Policy clinics the handling of Personal Information based on legislation and other standard practices and constantly strives to make improvements to the aforementioned activities with no prior notice. Privacy Policy can be revised in line with the change of principles such as law. We'll post changes to this Privacy Policy and upgrade the effective date when this Privacy Policy is updated.

13. Additional

The first version of this Privacy Policy was prepared in Japanese. In case of any discrepancy between another language and Japanese versions, the Japanese version will govern.

Using the Site and also the interpretation of the content of the Web Site shall be governed by the law of Japan.

If any dispute arises out of or relating to the usage of the site, it's agreed that the hearing should take place under the authority of the Yokohama District Court.