Auction Rules


When you become a registered member of, you will get access to more than 120 auctions through the Internet, and can choose your favorite from about 30,000 options every day. You can find a car that you like, view its details, and even place a bid on -a car right from your desktop in the comfort of your home. has a 7-step simple procedure to participate in auctions. See the steps below.

Step-1- Registration
Apply for registration to become a member of and get access to all the cars available at multiple auction houses.

Step-2- Security Deposit
You need to deposit the predetermined amount of money before you participate in auctions. (See below). Without the deposit, we cannot bid on any of the cars at the auctions in place of you. If you cannot make a successful bid, security deposit will be fully refunded or allocated to the payment for reserved/ordered car(s) based on the customer's request.

Rank Deposit Amount USD Buying Budget 1000% of the deposit Deposit Amount JPY Buying Budget 1000% of the deposit Limit of Purchase
A $10,000 Unlimited Buying ¥1,000,000 Unlimited Buying No Limit
B $5,000 $50,000 ¥500,000 ¥50,00,000 10 Units
C $3,000 $30,000 ¥30,00,000 ¥60,00,000 4 Units
D $2,000 $20,000 ¥20,00,000 ¥40,00,000 3 Units
E $1,000 $10,000 ¥10,00,000 ¥20,00,000 1 Unit

Step-3- Bidding cars at the auctions
- You can place the bid at our website.
- We will charge you only the price of the successful bid. There will be no charge or fee on the unsuccessful or failed bids.

Step-4- Auction Result
We will notify you of the result of your bid. Once you win the bid, we will send you a proforma invoice that tells you the total price including the price of car(s) and FOB or C&F. The total price will be calculated based on the original buying price at the auction.

Step-5- Final Payment
The final payment will be required within 7 working days. Payment as scheduled saves your order from cancellation.
In case of order cancellation:
Cancellation while the auction is underway, there will be a minimum cancellation fee of 100,000 JPY.
Cancellation after the auction has closed will result in a minimum cancellation fee of 100,000 JPY as handling/service charge.

Step-6- Shipping
The shipping will be arranged as soon as the payment is confirmed.
Note: offers you the best shipping services with the lowest freight charges.

Step -7- Documents
After the ship leaves the loading port, we will send all the necessary documents by EMS, DHL or FedEx. The documents include:
Export Certificate
Bill Of Lading
Final Invoice
Marine Insurance (if required)
Note: There are no extra or hidden charges other than C&F or CIF charges.

Payment Method & Bank Charges
You can make payment by telegraphic transfer from your bank. All bank charges must be paid by the sender. Please ensure that payment must be made in US Dollar / Japanese Yen, and set forth your Invoice & stock number in the remarks column. As soon as you make payment, please, send us a copy of the confirmation of payment by Email

Full payment decided based on the mutual agreement must be made for us to ship your car(s). We will not start to arrange the shipping unless the payment is confirmed. For further information about shipping and payment, please read our Terms & Conditions . or contact